About Trinity

Trinity Lutheran School has a long and rich history of providing Christ-centered education to the families of Monitor Township.  The school originally met in the church basement, shortly after its dedication in 1880.  A separate school building was built across the parking lot in 1952 and has been remodeled, including a large addition and renovation in 2004. This was fully paid off at the end of 2015.

The dedication and commitment of the congregation allows Trinity Lutheran School to continue providing an excellent education at a very reasonable price to the families that choose to enroll their children.  God continues to bless the many volunteer hours put in by countless people, as well as the offerings that largely support the school.

Trinity offers a full academic program, sports program, and music program, intertwined with learning to live as God’s people in this world.  The family atmosphere noticeably seen in the halls and comradery of the families and staff are certainly a witness of Christ living in each of us.

Trinity is NSLA accredited and is continually working through the self-improvement program as it prepares for the next evaluation.  Trinity has small classes.  Trinity, through the Carrollton School District, is able to offer art, physical education, technology, and Spanish classes in grades kindergarten – eighth.   Music is offered to grades K-4, as well as three choirs, Preschool-Kindergarten, 1st – 4th, and 5th -8th.  These choirs share their music in worship services, and students have the opportunity to enter the judged Music festival in the spring.  Our competitive sports (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track) are for grades 5-8, although there are opportunities for the younger grades to participate in similar mini-sports programs.  Our technology program consists of a up-to-date computer lab, computers in classrooms, a cart of extra laptops available for use, and 7/8th grade have one-on-one technology in their classroom.

As God continues to bless us with growth at Trinity, the congregation is currently seeking His will for the future.  Space has become tight, and much needs to be done.  We prayerful consider His guidance in these matters and look forward to the future He will bring us.